Control the Body

A game in which one is tasked to control a body.

This game will autosave your progress locally.


You can remap controls by pressing the controller button to the right of the game once it starts. It should also support most joysticks. You can use this site if you want to check if your browser supports your gamepad:

ActionControlsAlternate Controls
Move and rotate body
Arrow keys
Hold breath
Jump (only with shoes)
hold button to jump higher
Z or C
J or L
Interact/talk (context sensitive)
Down Arrow
Pause Menu

Pause Menu

ContinueContinue playing
SFXTurn sound effects on or off
MusicTurn music on or off
TimerTurn the game timer on or off (useful for speedrunning)
Game Speed
Speed up or slow down the game.

Can be used as an accessibility option, but certain things will be very difficult, even at the lowest speed.
(X) Delete Save
Will delete your save file and restart the game


The following creators were my primary inspirations for this game. If you like my game, please check them out!


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Development log


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Please make more games like this, this was very fun

appreciate it :) thanks for playing!!


Wow, this game is unique and deep for a browser game.

It is a lot of fun to get used to the controls. At the beginning it confused me alot but in a funny way like Octodad or I Am Fish. The jumpcontrols are really nice.

thanks for the feedback! i'm very proud of this game!

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lol there isnt secret end for all red lol, its totally nothing

idk why i can't upload image prob a bug or something

so image is here

the death/time is not correct, idk why progress reset after i leave with 2 coin left, so i used 50% time to get all of them back(its not cheat, just load progress)

edit: reset to 9 red coin left, not reset everything

nice! great job! afaik not very many people have gotten all the reds.

for the red coin on 5,2

do you really need do this ultimate loop without single mistake?

which have

hit checkpoint on 5,3

high jump to dodge checkpoint on 6,3

triple small jump and small jump climb on 8,3

swim without hit spike on 8,2

do a hard high jump checkpoint dodge on 6,1

hit switch and suicide on 5,2

and finally(you can have mistake now), just simple do a 2 coin difficulty jump in 5,2 reach the coin

if you take a mistake, you are going to loop back(take MORE time because there are no teleport key) and its hard to practice everything

pls tell me im wrong, i can't find a way to climb 5,3(maybe its possible but idk)

(1 edit)

yeah the reds are for sickos only lol

(1 edit)

lol its my last coin and seem hard

edit: its not hard as i think lol

oh, you've done all the other ones? you can do it! i don't even think it's the hardest red. just do a few practice runs and figure out a good strategy for each section.

(1 edit) (+1)

how do i get coin on 4,4? its seems impossible. any hint pls

edit: oh i see


oh yeah, definitely a tricky one. making good progress if you're down there!

(3 edits)

btw could you tell me how do you make good puzzle? do you need to make many fake path to confuse player or what?

edit: what about the coin on 1,1 door? its seems really impossible, is there something im missing? (because small jump climb dont give you that high)

it's not necessarily all fake paths -- it's more identifying what the player will likely do and trying to force them to use the mechanic in a way that's surprising. i like to write down all the corner cases i find while i'm testing the game and then try to build puzzles around those cases.

iteration is also very important for puzzle design. i test a lot and try to improve puzzles i'm not happy with, and cut out ones that will never work.

for the 1,1 coin door, it is impossible to get normally (you can't jump the spikes). you have to use another of your abilities. :)


I love this game. I am so glad that I was able to play a game that had some intense concepts brought together. I would say that the Jump King and the Metroid are the playstyles that come to mind. Things just worked and were enjoyable! 


wow, very nice! even those yellows can be pretty tricky!


Yeah, actually my last two were pretty difficult. Took me a while down in the lower level and near the end goal-- but I got them shoes!!!


Finally played after a long time being on my list, and it didn't disappoint. Very funny, both in its execution and in its writing. I feel like I learned a new mechanical language, which is a rare quality in a game. Nice work


it's me the mechanics nerd!

i started by getting the "feel" of the mechanics right and then just built everything around it in some like free-associative state. and somehow it all came together coherently!


hard as shit but fun




awesome game, the movement feels great after working with it for a while (though the obstacles you designed are too finnicky). castle bubble inspired? I couldnt get 5 of the red balls, 3 of them seem doable while the other 2 are way too long (top left room could use a checkpoint up top). I tried slowing it down but that didn't help due to messing with muscle memory, I did notice you can rotate more rapidly when slowed down though, might want to fix that.


Had not played Castle Bubble before I made this game but I did play other sylvie games.

I think the issue with the slowdown is not one of timing (or if it is it's very slight), but instead one of input polling. The game still runs at 60 fps even when slowed down, so the player moves with more granularity and thus has more "chances" to input a turn before they reach a certain point.

Due to the limitations of pico8 I'm not interested in solving this problem nor do I particularly mind if the player finds a way to cheese some of the challenges by slowing the game down.

Some obstacles are definitely too hard and finnicky -- this fact was not lost on me when designing the game.


this is actually funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Really great game, one of the most interesting platformers I've played in a while.


hi wow this game makes me tingle

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Thanks @gate for making this great game!

It’s full of interesting, weird ideas.

  • My best score and first run was (20/20, 19/19, 5/18).
  • My best all-greens time is 2:55.5500, (20/20, 1/19, 0/18). (nov 1st, 10:44pm)

yeah, thanks for playing! haven't heard of anyone faster yet, so we'll give you the preliminary world record green time!

tried it a few times and the best i've done so far is 2:56 so that's a pretty decent time!


I only have two yellow balls left! (and 16 red; but after trying and failing at some of the more acrobatic ones, I don't think I'll attempt it). I am really stuck on the yellow one at (1,1) (if, on the map, we mark the lower right room as (0,0)). I'm at the door up top, but I can't figure out any way to navigate through the gap. Any hints?


Power of the post. I think I figured it out! (While trying to figure out how to get to that other yellow one!) Clever trick!  


It took me some time to find all the tricks necessary to get all the greens, although there are still some yellow that I have absolutely no idea how to get...

Great game, though!


Yeah, even the greens are tricky! Great job!


Thanks! I've collected 9 yellows and there is one red I can take but can't validate.

I've been in all tiles but one, I think I should dig a little more the different combinations I can get with the pink/blue switches...

Am I missing something or has a yellow not registered and is somehow missing now ?


The black rooms that some doors go to count as the same room for map purposes -- I'd expect the yellow to be inside the door on that screen.

(6 edits) (+1)

Oh yes, sorry, you're right obviously!

EDIT: Now I got them all!

I did NOT expect that for the red shoes...


What an absurd game. I'm not going to put in the effort to finish it, but I like it.