Wumpus Wump You

A proof-of-concept for a randomized game with an undirected graph. I'm considering taking this game in a couple different directions, but I think this engine is a good base. I'm happy with the auto-mapping and how extensible this format could be. Might take some iteration!


  • Click and drag map background to pan
  • Scrollwheel on map to zoom in and out
  • Click and drag map nodes to rearrange them
  • Click buttons to do actions!
  • Shift+click or double click nodes to lock them in place
  • Shift+R to start a new game


  • You can hear bats from 1 room away.
  • You can feel a draft from a pit 1 room away.
  • You can smell the Wumpus from 2 rooms away.
  • Use deductive reasoning to minimize risk!

Development log


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I love how elastic the moving the map feels. Once I figured out the puzzle (I missed the tips section) I just started moving around the mess that was my map. It has the right amount of elastic to respond to what I want and rigid enough to keep the other side in place

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Yeah, definitely had to fiddle with the exact numbers a lot, but the heavy lifting is done by the d3(-force) library. Check it out if you're a JS dev! https://github.com/d3/d3-force